"All the armies in the world are not as powerful as an idea whose time has come" V.Hugo

About WTVP

White Tower Venture Partners' mission is to turn innovative ideas and technologies into successful businesses, and help small & medium size enterprises grow internationally.

Founded in 2002, White Tower Venture Partners has been involved in a plethora of projects across various industries and markets. Powered by an international entrepreneurial network of highly skilled individuals with extensive and diverse experience, White Tower Venture Partners focuses on the design and development of new products and services; the set-up, organization and planning of new ventures; the commercial support and development of new ventures and raising capital.

To be effective we take on responsibility and actively participate in the running of the business rather than just consult. For our partners we have researched and tested markets, generated and built international customer leads databases, closed sales, put together business and operating plans, run operations, raised capital, established strategic alliances, negotiated and closed international distribution and business development deals.

We beleive in entrepreneurship, not consulting and that is why we cannot hold ourselves from venturing out! White Tower Media Productions is a 3D animation studio established for the production of Astronomyths, a digital planetarium show. We build the team, developed the concept, planned the project, raised capital, set-up the company and its technical infrastructure, produced the movie, sold it directly to a dozen countries to this date and signed distribution agreements with the 2 of the top three players in the industry. WTMNews.gr is a technology & innovation news portal covering Greek companies at home and abroad. We concieved the idea, designed it, built it and a lot more about which you will hear as we move this project along. So, when we work for others, we are paid to execute, not to talk!