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Exelon Partners in collaboration with Konstantinos Giantsios (also founder of WTVP and WTMNews.gr), in the context of the second phase of the Corallia Microelectronics Cluster Initiative (mi-Cluster) is responsible for cultivating relationships with the international Venture Capital community as well as preparing mi-Cluster actors for the process of raising capital.

The program which is rolled out over the three year period 2010-2012, consists of three main activity packages. The first work package involves the mapping of the international VC community specializing in the technology space of Semiconductors & Embedded Systems (SEME). This will provide to the local organizations, companies and research institutions, valuable information about who are the key players, where do they focus and what type of investment opportunities they are looking for. The second work package involves an integrated communication plan with the VC community about the local mi-Cluster activities, and in parallel the systematic reporting to all local companies about the international VC activity in the space (who got funded, how much, for what and by whom). The last element of the program involves biannual seminars covering a variety of issues related to raising funds from Venture Capital companies. More specifically, these seminars will cover topics such as How to Write a Business Plan, What are VCs looking for, an Analysis of  a Term-Sheet, Company Valuation and raising money in the Alternative Markets. These seminars will be open for the public and more information will be available soon.


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