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Venture Capital Seminar: HOT TOPICS, GREAT SPEAKERS


Hot Topics & Great Speakers!

A seminar that was initially designed to inform and educate on various subjects related to Raising Venture Capital, is turning into a gathering of experts with some great experiences and insights in the selected topics!


We have put together a great panel that will talk on the DOs & DON’Ts when approaching a VC. Just like any sales activity, selling your idea-project-company to a potential investor involves a process, specific materials and has its life-cycle. We are honored to have with us a team of Doers that make things happen, including Giannis Papadopoulos, CEO of Attica Ventures, leading the by far the most active VC fund in the last few years, who in addition to numerous deals, has also led three of their investments to public listings, a first for Greece. Liza Katsouraki, an investment associate at Oxygen Capital, will give us the perspective of an analyst; the professionals that in most funds are responsible for doing the initial screening. As VC funds are also organizations with processes and hierarchy, it is important to be aware of what is the path that your “Dreams” might follow before they get funded.

Costas Meimetis, the CEO of Antcor, is one of the few high-tech entrepreneurs that has been successful in raising capital from the VC community and will share with us many of his experiences when talking with VCs at home or abroad. Dionisis Kolokotsas is the Managing Director of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association and a former Procter & Gamble executive. One of his current roles involves bringing the international investors and corporations closer to the local business community and has much to say about the positioning of your message and dealing with perceptions when pitching to investors abroad.

During the “Valuation of early stage companiesDimitris Papaioannou of Exelon Partners will try to provide a framework for dealing with valuation at early stages, something that is more of an art than science. As there are many moving parts in your valuation model that cannot be defined  or in often backed it is very important to have a holistic view of what investors will look at so that you can prepare and back your case.

Next, on Raising Capital from the Stock Market & the Alternative Markets, we have Nick Demos of VRS, the boutique investment research & analysis firm. Nikos played a significant role in the listing of GLOBO Technologies in London’s AIM, the RTO of AVANEX Life on NASDAQ and OTE’s listing in the New York stock exchange and will provide us with great insight in to the processes and many hidden issues in using the alternative markets to fuel your growth. Combined with Giannis Papadopoulos experience with listings in the NEXA market this is bound to be a one of a kind interactive presentation.

Finally, Antonis Klidas will talk about Richard Florida’s Creative Capital Theory, elaborating on the role of creativity & innovation in economic development and the increasing role of a rising new dominant class, the “Creative Class”.

In a nutshell, it will be a short but highly interactive and intensive seminar for the players by the players, so don’t miss it!

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See below for the detailed program.

See you there!


VCO Seminar II EVENT PROGRAM - 20th October 2010

1. 13:30-14:00  Registration

2. 14:00-14:05  Introductions

3. 14:05-15:00  Florida's Creative Capital Theory (Antonis Klidas, Deree)

4. 15:10-16:00  Panel Discussion – Do’s and Don’t when Approaching a VC (Dimitrios Papaioannou, Giannis Papadopoulos, Dionysios Kolokotsas, Costas Meimetis, Liza Katsouraki, Nick Demos)

16:00-16:15  Coffee Break

5. 16:15-16:45  Valuation of Early Stage Companies 1-0-1 (Dimitrios Papaioanou, Exelon Partners)

6. 16:45-17:15  Listing in the Stock Exchange & the Alternative Markets (Nick Demos, VRS)




For additional information you may contact us at:     info [ at ] wtvpartners.com