"All the armies in the world are not as powerful as an idea whose time has come" V.Hugo

Fortuna Click Limited

Fortuna Click is one of the handfull companies worldwide offering a complete solution for the betting & gambling industry including Sports & Live Betting, Casino, Poker, Backgammon, Mobile Betting & Gambling and Retail Betting & Gambling. Fortuna Click's demo-portal is at www.bet242.com.

Corallia Clusters Initiative

Corallia (part of Athena research Institute) is the coordinating body of the mi-Cluster, the Greek Microelectronics Cluster including the members of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association, Academic & Research Institutes, public & private bodies and private sector organizations offering supporting services.


Tropical S.A.

Tropical S.A. is a manufacturer of a state-of-the-art suite of Hydrogen Power Generators and a Greek market leader in heating and refrigeration systems for commercial vehicles.


WTVP launches www.wtmnews.gr

WTM News Limited is an online media and services company. It has developed a self-publishing platform to be used in news portals with a local or regional focus and industry classification, where companies self-publish their news, create their own blogs and list their job vacancies. The first such implementation is WTMNews.gr, a technology & innovation news portal covering Greek companies at home and abroad. More...


White Tower Media Productions LLC

White Tower Media Productions is a 3D animation & VFX studio and production company. "Astronomyths: Autumn Sky" a 3D animation digital planetarium film is currently playing in countries around the world and distributed directly by WTMP as well as industry leaders Evans & Sutherland Inc. and Zeiss Gmbh.

Agrifarm Europe Ltd.

Agrifarm Europe Ltd. is the largest producer of Cacti in Greece. The Cacti Combinations, its leadership product is currently available through the major retail chains including A/B Vasilopoulos, Practiker, Carrefour and Makro.


DPM Systems Ltd.

DPM Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer of small arms improvement systems and accessories. DPM's mechanical and magnetomechanical recoil improvement system leads industry competition from a distance.