"All the armies in the world are not as powerful as an idea whose time has come" V.Hugo

Exelon Partners in collaboration with Konstantinos Giantsios (also founder of WTVP and WTMNews.gr), in the second phase of the Corallia Microelectronics Cluster Initiative (mi-Cluster) is responsible for cultivating relationships with the international Venture Capital community as well as preparing mi-Cluster actors for the process of raising capital. In this context we will be conducting biannual seminars covering a variety of issues related to raising funds from Venture Capital companies.

The third in the series of seminars will take place 11th April 2011 at the Patras Science Park (see map). The seminar is open and free for the public, provided you have a genuine interest in the subject. To reserve a place please use the form to the right.



1. 13:30-14:00  Registration

2. 14:00-14:15  Innovation Clusters, (Prof. V.Makios, Corallia Clusters Initiative)

3. 14:15-14:45 TBA (Prof. K.Tsekouras, University of Patras)

4. 14:45-15:15  The Anatomy of a Business Plan, (Konstantinos Giantsios, WTVP)

5. 15:15-17:00  Sources of Funds and an Introduction to Venture Capital (Dimitrios Papaioannou / Exelon Partners)

6. 17:00-17:15 Coffee Break

7. 17:15-18:00  Raising Funds from Venture Capital (Dimitrios Papaioannou / Exelon Partners)

8. 18:00-18:45 Panel Discussion; The Entrepreneur Perspective (Alex Maniatopoulos / eConais, Stelios Koutroubinas / BlueDev, John Kikidis / Analogies, more TBA)

Presentation format: each presentation will last aprox. 30mins and would be followed by a Q&A session.



For additional information you may contact us at:     info [ at ] wtvpartners.com



VCO Seminar II EVENT PROGRAM - 20th October 2010

1. 13:30-14:00  Registration

2. 14:00-14:05  Introductions

3. 14:05-15:00  Florida's Creative Capital Theory  (Antonis Klidas, Deree)

According to Richard Florida’s (2002) ‘Creative Capital Theory’, creativity is the driving force behind economic development in today’s ‘creative economy’. According to Florida, the rise of the creative economy is powered by the rise of a new dominant class, the ‘Creative Class’, whose economic function is to create new creative content and/or engage in complex problem-solving. The seminar will present Florida’s ‘Creative Capital Theory’ and his main propositions on the ecosystem characteristics, which are necessary to attract and manage creative talent.

4. 15:00-16:00  Panel Discussion – Do’s and Don’t when Approaching a VC  (Dimitrios Papaioannou / Exelon Partners, Dionysios Kolokotsas / HSIA, Giannis Papadopoulos / CEO, Attica Ventures, Costas Meimetis / CEO Antcor, Lisa Katsouraki / Investment Associate, Oxygen Capital, Nick Demos / VRS, more TBA)

How does one prepare to pitch to a potential investor, how should/could you approach them, how do they operate and what are the important things you need to be aware of, are some of the issues that you will be able to discuss with the panel in this session.

    16:00-16:15  Coffee Break

5. 16:15-16:45  Valuation of Early Stage Companies 1-0-1  (Dimitrios Papaioannou / Exelon Partners)

Valuation of early stage ventures is more an art than a science.  Traditional valuation methods such as the Discounted Cash Flow, P/E Ratios and Price-to-Sales Ratios don’t seem to yield realistic valuations for early ventures. In this seminar we will discuss the approaches VCs use to valuate early stage ventures, to make quick go/no go decisions as well as the topic of valuation from the view of the entrepreneur.

6. 16:45-17:15  Raising Capital from the Stock Exchange & the Alternative Markets  (Nick Demos, VRS)

The need to increase company capitalization, stock price, stock liquidity and trading activity is important, and one proactive solution is the listing and/or the multiple listing of the stock in more liquid exchanges than the ASE. Cross-border transaction costs are avoided, company information could be available more quickly in German, local brokers can analyze and promote the stock more effectively and efficiently to the institutional and local investors, and the clearing of any transaction is easier.  In addition, there are specific motives for dual listing or listing on a foreign stock exchange such as:

  • Financial: increase investor base and liquidity, attract capital, dispersion of share ownership, cost of listing and requirements and compliance with accounting principles.
  • Organizational: increase sales activities and market potential and follow customers.
  • Marketing: increase corporate image, name/brand recognition and prestige.
  • Other: political and social factors, psychological issue, employee motivation, public disclosure requirements and accounting US GAAP.


VCO Seminar I / 28th April 2010 

      Registration                                                         14:30 – 15:00

Part I: VC Observatory  

1.  The Anatomy of a Business Plan                      15:00 – 15:30

The Anatomy of the Business Plan will provide an overview of all the elements of a business plan and the requirements of the different audiences. It will challenge common beliefs and highlight make-or-break points that you need to be aware of. Presented by Konstantinos Giantsios.

2.  Sources of Funds and an Introduction to Venture Capital    15:30 – 16:00

During the first part of the seminar we provide an overview of the various sources of funding available to startup entrepreneurs.  These sources are split into informal and formal and we provide some basic information describing each one.  During the second part of the seminar we focus on Venture Capital as a source for financing new ventures and provide introductory information. Presented by Dimitrios Papaioannou (Exelon Partners).

3.  Raising Funds from Venture Capital                   16:00 – 16:30

During this seminar we discuss the process of raising funds to fuel new ventures through Venture Capital.  We discuss in detail the internal review process leveraged by most VC firms and provide insight that can greatly benefit startups seeking capital.  We also discuss the post-seed stage rounds of VC financing and provide basic information describing the road ahead. Presented by Dimitrios Papaioannou (Exelon Partners).

4.  Raising Capital Using your IP Portfolio                16:30 – 17:00

During this seminar we discuss ways that firms can employ to raise funds from their IP portfolio. Specifically, we will provide insight to the stand-alone patent market, the seller of IR, the buyers of IP, as well as the challenges and risks both parties are facing with. Finally, we will provide useful information on the process employed to complete transactions. Presented by Dimitrios Papaioannou (Exelon Partners).

Coffee Break                                                                   17:0017:30

Part II: (By Atlantis Research)  

5.  Public funding in Greece                                        17:30 - 18:00

Presentation of open funding programs in Greece by Georgios Gatos (ΑTLANTIS Consulting S.A.)  

6.  From applied research idea to market               18:00 - 18:30

Presentation of the Gate2Start tools.  Improve the competitiveness of your research idea and commercialize it successfully by Angelos Manglis (ΑTLANTIS Consulting S.A.)

7.  NET-SHARE session                                                18:30 - 19:00

Presentation of best practices in microelectronics which have been identified by NET-SHARE. Presentation by  Xenofon Tsilimparis  (ΕΔΕΤ Α.Ε.)

Networking                                                                     19:00 +


For additional information you may contact us at:     info [ at ] wtvpartners.com