"All the armies in the world are not as powerful as an idea whose time has come" V.Hugo

New Venture Management & Product Development

You have an idea or already a business and you want to grow it; take it international; turn it around or diversify it in a new domain area. You know well your technology but you now have to productize it and manufacture it.

There is an overwhelming amount of issues one has to address, especially at an early stage in a venture, in order to make best use of the limited resources. We can help you both structure you thoughts and form a vision, nail down a business, financial and operational plan, and roll-it out addressing both strategic and daily operational issues.

International Sales & Business Development

If you can convince us that you have a product or service the world needs, we would cherish an opportunity to make the world know about it and capture market share.

If you do not have already a clear, fact and data supported international market entry strategy we can work with you to form one and implement it. This process will involve a market analysis & segmentation, concept definition and validation in the cases of new product or service development, distribution planning, partner evaluation and network development, customer lead generation, negotiation and sales closure. Our team will work seamlessly as an extension of your organization in complete harmony with your in-house teams.

Raising Capital

In the past few years WTVP has secured Private Equity financing offers in excess of €3 million for early-stage ventures and project finance.

Working closely with our clients, WTVP can help determine their financial needs, identify and structure alternative financing strategies, as well as raise capital from the venture capital community and private investors.